Sync with my Organization (Step 2)

If you provided us with an MLS number on signup or if you ALREADY see a green MLS name on your manage listings page you can skip this step!

Not sure what to do next?  You are in the right place!

To get started first ask yourself "Do I have any active homes?".   If the answer is yes just think about the MLS number for the home you are currently marketing!  Write this down!

Now go to "Manage Listings" and click the "Connect" button and enter the necessary information!  (including MLS number) to get synced up!

Not finding yourself?  Click here to open a case with us! 

Once this is done go you are all synced and should be able to click import to import your listing or listings!

You are ready to head over to keycode/keyword assignment to make sure potential buyers can text in on your new listing!

Head to step 3 - Assigning a Keyword

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