Complete your branding! (Step 1)

Welcome to Keyboom Pro!

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When you first log in we direct you to the dashboard but if you arent sure where to go click "Profile" on your dashboard!

The profile is where all your personal information and branding information are stored.  This is used to create all your marketing pieces and contact information.

This is your first step and is going to consist of a number of fields (primarily personal information you should not need to look up or that you know off the top of your head)

Make sure to fill in as MANY as you can!
  • Email: the login email you would like to use
  • Password: the login password you would like to use
  • First Name:  Your first name
  • Last Name:  your last name
  • Mobile Number: Cell phone number
  • Office Number: The company desk number
  • Title: what you call yourself
  • Address: Where people should show up to see you from 9-5
  • State: The state your office is located in
  • City: The city you do business in
  • Work Coverage Area
    • This is the town in which you work and the area you service
  • Logo: company or personal logo
    • 5mb or smaller and type PNG or JPG
  • Headshot: A photo of yourself
    • 5mb or smaller and type PNG or JPG
Once you are done with your profile you are ready to hit *update* and move onto step two!

Step 2: Syncing up and importing your listing

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